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The Road Awaits

If you haven’t seen the desert,

Or gazed across the Bight.

Or listened to the silence,

Of the black Australia night…

This invigorating collection of poems highlights the beauty of the natural world which is often forgotten about in the new digital age. Robinanne Lavelle reminisces about the first road trip she took as a child which drove her strong admiration for nature. From the beaches of Bondi to the grapes of Barossa, and shipwrecks of the rugged west coast, Lavelle explores the small divinities which make Australia so magnificent whilst passing on apples of wisdom fed to her by her parents. With sharp turns and bumps, this road trip will cause a range of drastically different emotions but is sure to leave any reader changed and awakened. Whether a passionate environmentalist or an indifferent traveller, the road awaits…

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Life Sorted: 8 session practical guide to Mindfulness, Meditation and Management

Haven't got the life you want? Not sure what you want? Is some part of your life not working? Or are you in a complete bind? 

Imagine a life where you are attentive, organised, calm, balanced, understand others, have insights into your inner self, can set new goals, and start to steer your life towards your full potential. Conceive a state of wellbeing, where your Mind, Body, and Soul are in harmony. 

Learn to actively create the life you want by using this step-by-step guide. This 8-session book contains inspirational stories, practical mindfulness exercises, guided meditation practices, and personal management techniques. All these can be easily incorporate into your current daily routine. 

The Road to a Quality Life Awaits…

"A rewarding life is achieved by pursuing opportunities with passion and overcoming obstacles with determination."

Robinanne Lavelle

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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