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CV   Robinanne Lavelle

Author and Educator

2008 Master of Business, Sydney University: Thesis on Business Empowerment - design tool to measure level & perceptions.
1999 Master of Educational Management, University of Western Australia: Course work - interpersonal relations & dissertation – What Readers want in a textbook – evaluation of style and format.
1981 Post Graduate Diploma in Education, University of Western Australia: secondary & primary school.
1979 Bachelor of Economics, Monash University: a double major in Economics and Politics and a minor in Economic History.
1969 Business Certificate Course, Edwards Secretarial College, training in office procedure and secretarial skills.

2022 Author, Life Sorted: 8 session practical guide to Mindfulness, Meditation and Management. Book & audio practical guided learning in mindfulness, meditation, and management to examine life’s issues.
2022 Co-Author, The Road Awaits. Book of poems and stories written travelling across Australia.

1997 Author, rewrote Social Science texts: Trends & Turning Points.
1996 Author, rewrote Social Science texts: Tracts & Traces.
1995 Author, rewrote Social Science texts: Time & Tide.
1994 Author, Meditation: Creating Quality Life.
1991 Co-author, texts recommended by Secondary Education Authority: Laymans Guide to the Law Year 12 & Law Teacher Journal for teachers of Year 12.
1990 Co-author, texts recommended by Secondary Education Authority: Laymans Guide to the Law Year 11 & Law Teacher Journal for teachers of Year 11.


The four decades of work have comprised of a decade of owning my own unique educational centre, two decades as lecturer and senior management and teacher at schools and universities, a decade authoring and half a decade as administrator. Many times, I worked full time in one profession whilst also completing part time in the other.

Owner Merewether Day Care 10 years. Responsible for the care of up to 40 children per week and liaising with their families via, telephone, text, and emails; and to provide an individualised, meaningful learning experience for children from 6 months to 5 years of age. Managing and training educators and teachers with a staff of 6 members, including organising rosters, pays and professional development. Weekly reports including transport logistics for fleet of 4 vehicles from various geographical areas around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. Meeting government regulations and legislation governing childcare centres, developing, and implementing quality improvement plans. Arranging monthly functions, dealing with any grievances and problem solving and trouble shooting. Maintaining records, creating packages e.g., prospective new parent package, staff handbook, school readiness, marketing and promoting business, examining new potential avenues of delivery, individual child portfolios. Producing Week in View each week for parents and staff. Handling enrolments, updates, immunisation register. Educational leader for the business and arranging professional development. Documenting Risk Assessments, Emergency Evacuation, and medical kit out. Chairing staff monthly meetings and PR for parent monthly get together and educational sessions. Cataloguing garage storage of educational toys and equipment, new purchases, repairs, and maintenance. Advertising, recruitment, and training of new staff. Research and dissemination of educational finding to staff and parents. Developing blogs on various aspects of positive parenting.


Lectured in Business Management for 10 years. Projects devised with third year University Students from final year at Sydney University to allow them to reflect on the managerial experience, as well as connected the management theory covered in their units and applied this to business. Sole author of Management II for Management Students at the University of Sydney. The course covered the areas of: 'decision making' and 'strategic management'. I wrote the course in such a way that the students gain constant application of the theory. Students undertook workshops in the first half of the course, which required them to experience group dynamics during the decision-making processes. In the second half of the course, the students were exposed to DeBono thinking concepts whilst developing strategic management plans. The course culminated in a five-day residential school, where students work in groups using a business simulation (computer software program) to make business decisions covering 4 years of a business (over the 5-day course), discovering consequences of their actions. Guest speakers from local community businesses were involved in lecturing and assessment. I have developed WebCT (interactive computer software) which involves self-paced learning and incorporate assessment work, video clips, and business management articles. Management lectured in Business Management and Legal Framework, lecturing with the University of Sydney, Curtin University, Edwards International College and Canning College, Kalamunda TAFE: covering topic: time management, stress management, leadership, team building, effectiveness, problem solving, creative thinking, conflict resolution, goal direction, staff motivation and negotiations. Many of my students were already in business as managers and wanted to learn more. I also had many young people working full time and studying part time, as well as students straight from high school and international students.


Contract Author 6 years. Contracted to Longman Cheshire Publishing Company to rewrite and update three text/workbooks, namely: Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 Social Science texts: Time and Tide, Tracts and Traces, Trends and Turning Points. Published a package of eight, half-hour practical sessions of guided relaxation and meditation on CDs. The package is designed to support a course using meditation for stress management, organising your life, finding your passion, gaining clarity of thought and spiritual enlightenment. Co-author of the following texts, which became the prescribed text by the Secondary Education Authority (SEA) as the recommended texts for Law: Laymans Guide to the Law Year 11 & also follow up Year 12 text (textual material, cartoons, exercises, and activities). Co-authored the Law Teacher Journal for teachers of Year 11 and 12 students. Worked on and introduced VET pilot course Work Skills and wrote courseware for VET course Appraise Rural Property. Director of Upper School responsible for all Year 11 and 12 students undertaking TAFE courses as part of their school curricular.  


Senior Staff Member at College for 10 years. Director of Upper School, private Christian college: newest and only female senior member of staff. Vocal in the administrative developments and assisting to implement procedures in the school: e.g., helped formulate the School Policy; document and worked with Administration Director on developing procedures and job description for Grievance Officer; singularly developed and wrote Staff Selection policy and procedures. Teacher representative on school’s Industrial Communication Group – committee liaising with Council to develop cohesive, contented staffs that operates efficiently and professionally. This committee was involving in discussing staff problems, dealing with improving working conditions for staff and researching and suggesting professional development courses for staff, as well as, negotiating salary increases and benefits. Introduced, developed, and singularly wrote Deferred Salary Scheme for staff. Teacher for 10 years. Wrote new Unit curriculum term programme for every course in the Social Science Department and have been Head of Social Science. Presenter at Business Education Teachers, Network District Seminar/Workshop on Ergonomics: furniture and Ergonomic office layout.


Administrator for 6 years. In charge of 30 personnel at the Law Society. On the Board of the Francis Burt Law Centre where the chairman was Justice Nicholson. In charge of budget and education programme for the state. On the Secondary Education Department’s Law Curriculum Committee and devised course for university entry. Worked closely with the judiciary, the Chief Justice, Governor of WA, and CEO of Law Society. As a member of the Active Citizenship sub-Committee, I participated in the formulation of a paper which was presented to gain the Minister's approval for the establishment of the Parliamentary Education Centre which was modelled on the Francis Burt Education Centre I developed. Developed training manual and video for the volunteers at the Centre, who conducted tours and delivered educational programmes and presented professional development workshops to the volunteers.  Assistant to General Manager of a chain of Department Stores in Perth, Western Australia. Reported and graphically recorded the firm's statistics, controlled, organised, and attended Store Manager meetings, composed correspondence, liaised with manufacturers. Administrator for Credit Department of AWA. Secretary for Geoffrey Campbell and Associates, Girl Friday for Liquor Trade Council and Suburban Newspapers.

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