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Covid 19 - Christmas 2021 - family reunions?

Christmas Time

Don’t look for us this Christmas,

Don’t expect us back this year…

We’ll be with you in spirit

Tho’ we may not drink your beer.

You speak of miles between us…

Don’t measure the month or the day

In the beautiful land of remembering,

You are only a thought away!

© Extract from Joan Elkington and Robinanne Lavelle ‘The Road Awaits’ due to be released towards the end of 2021

The Guardian new recently reported that more than 45,000 Australians stranded overseas due to the COVID 19 pandemic, some waiting up to 13 months to get home. Many Australian families have family connections overseas and they too face restrictions or an inability to reach those families for Christmas. It’s been a difficult these last few years for families separated due to COVID 19 pandemic. Let’s hope it’s safe for us all to be together again soon. For some, the above poem sadly seems more the state of their 2021 Christmas but hopefully for many more the following will be the outcome.

We’ll be Home for Christmas!

Christmas time means family time.

Thoughts of love and home.

The ‘folks’ grow ever dearer

To one who’s on the roam.

Keep a space beside the tree,

Set a place for Dad and me.

Fill a plate — a glass of cheer,

For we’re coming home this year!

Welcome us, with arms out wide,

We’ll be so glad to step inside…

The months between will slip away,

As we begin our Christmas Day!

© Extracts from

Joan Elkington and Robinanne Lavelle

‘The Road Awaits’



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